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a better way to work

Improve team collaboration, file management
& client communication with ydox,

the tool that will change the way you work.

 Complete Control . Enterprise Security . Total Privacy  

work better

Improve team collaboration, file management
& client communication with ydox,
the tool that will change the way you work.

 Complete Control . Enterprise Security . Total Privacy  

Less Emails

Less Meetings

Less Interruptions

More Efficiency
More Security
More Control


Winning teams work with the best tools

Your people, their work, ideas, communication, the heart of your company – all in the palm of your hand.
ydox is all of your business, in one safe place – accessible from anywhere in the world.
We believe building an efficient workforce starts with

Collaboration . File Management . Communication . Security


Team Collaboration

File Management

Client Communication

Digital Security

Team Collaboration

With ydox notes, all your thoughts, ideas & minutes are captured on a digital whiteboard where everyone participates. Share notes with internal or external stakeholders, build task lists and get your entire team on the same page. With your team, work and information in one safe, easily searchable place, remote working is as easy as working in the same room.

File management

All your company content —  files, documents, images, videos, designs, spreadsheets and more — are stored securely in the cloud.  It is where you share and safeguard your files, work, co-author, access critical company information and sign documents at your fingertips.

File access control allows everyone in your organisation to edit, share and leave comments, based on the permissions you control.

Client Communication

Notifications, reminders, instant messaging, voice & video calling, conference meetings, team & client communication, client project feedback – all work communication happens in ydox.

ydox creates a more connected & efficient workforce that inspires exceptional results. Transparent client feedback transforms digital conversations, into actionable, measurable & audit-able task boards.

Digital Security

ydox safeguards your business from cyber attacks with enterprise-grade security, empowering you to build a digital-first business & provide your clients with unmeasurable value. Protect all of your content with advanced security controls, encrypted content and complete information governance. ydox is the easiest way to get your company regulatory compliant when it comes to sensitive data.


Imagine a fully encrypted digital workplace. Nobody can access your critical data unless you allow it. ydox gives you peace of mind when sharing your work with your team or clients and keeps all your company communication securely containerised.

All data is encrypted in cloud storage, using secret un-sharable encryption keys.

Our integration with Microsoft’s Office365 allows you to manage,  edit & work on your office files from inside ydox without leaving the safety of our security.

Manage Your Files Safely & Securely
Share & Collaborate With Clients
Safeguard Your Business With Enterprise Grade Security
Improve Your Team Efficiency, Speed & Processes
Track User Activity On All Files
Become POPI + GDPR Compliant
All Of The Above, Branded With Your Own Brand

real time

Work on the same files at the same time, from multiple devices anywhere in the world, getting work done better, more efficiently and boosting productivity.


ydox works in any business

Whether you are in tech, finance, law, health, creative, construction or professional services, ydox is the best tool for you to increase security and productivity, ad client value, and bring all of your work into one place.   

ready to try it for FREE?

our 30 day trial gives you a taste of what is to come before you commit.
no upfront financial commitment required.


As part of our commitment to inform South Africans about cyber security and the protection of data and information, we have compiled an easy-to-understand e-book – The Ultimate Guide to POPI & GDPR. Yours for FREE.

a digital first company

Digital transformation has changed virtually everything in the business world. An effective digital first approach allows you to scale beyond your limitations and unlock your full potential. We have created a white label on how to transform your company to a digital first organisation.

much more security

for much less price


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So how can you benefit from ydox?

Increased Team Efficiency

Maximised Productivity

Automated Processes & Workflows

Simplified Digital Processes

A Connected Workforce

Reliable Data

Secured Workforce Knowledge

Secure File Storage & Sharing

Efficient Remote Working

Digital Whiteboard

Actionable & Measurable Tasks

End to End Transparency

Enterprise Grade Security

Consolidated Company Communication

Instant Access to Information

Real Time Co-working

90% Paperless Business

80% Less Email

Control In Your Own Hands

User Activity Audit Trails

Regulatory Compliance

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